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Wednesday, January 17

New Forest Lanscapes

This shot and the all of the ones below were taken on a recent day trip to the New Forest. With these two particular images the light was turning to dusk and i knew that in order to get the best shot I was going to have to decide on my final location before it got too dark. The sun set with a brilliant array of blues and purples as you can see although i did add some enhancements through Photoshop. The horses helped to give a subject to an otherwise relatively standard landscape image.

Throughout the day I had been looking for reflection shots and with all of the recent rain there were plenty of marshes created on the heath land. Although not so good for walking it was superb for capturing the golden clouds created as the sun began to lower in the sky. I had been waiting weeks for the weather to be nice enough to get out and do some photography and it just shows it can often be worth the wait.

The whispy clouds on this shot and the shot below made this setting perfect for my photos. The sunlight was previously too bright when looking directly at the sun for the aperture of the camera, however the clouds set in and helped to create a perfect silhouette of the leaf free tree branches.

New Forest Pony

I took this image in the New Forest. On this particular day I had a lot of University coursework to do but the weather was just too nice so i decided to get on the train and take the hour and a half journey to the New Forest. I think photography is a valid excuse for not doing work, don’t you? My aim as you should be able to see was to get as sharp shot as possible of this horse’s eye. He was momentarily distracted by my tasty looking camera strap that he decided he would try and eat.

Monday, January 8

Tunisia Rising

The Rhythm of the Station

I wanted to use this shot to capture the contrasts of this environment. I was sat at Clapham Junction station and noticed that you would get bursts of people and then a rush of trains and then the whole station would fall into a state of silence as people waited for the next rush. I took this image just as a train rushed through the station, which i think creates a brilliant contrast to the silent individuals waiting on the platforms edge.

Fireworks at the Quays

I had been waiting for fireworks night for a long time so that I could capture some slow shutter shots like this one. It is a shame the fireworks weren't being fired from the right of the Spinnaker Tower as this would have enabled me to frame the image, but there is always next year I suppose.

St Malo Chapel

This image of the St Malo Church was captured on a trip sailing along the Bretagne coastline. The architecture of this city really captured my attention and the light on this particular day was perfect for a silhouette shot that would highlight the bold limestone structure.

Thursday, November 30

A Warm Winter Glow

This one was captured during winter 2005. It is very misleading, as I believe the image has a very warm feeling to it, however, it was infact one of the coldest days of the year. I really like the fact that the trees increase and decrease in size and the reflection worked wonders. Two minutes after this shot and the sun had disappeared behind the bank.

Mast Viewpoint

When I am sailing it can often be a bit of a problem when the seascapes are limited. On this particular day I was looking for an alternative viewpoint to capture the old rigging of the boat I was on. I experimented with a variety of focus points looking up at the mast and this one was one of my favourites.

The reflection of these masts in the water captured my attention. I searched for the best viewpoint to achieve a slightly abstract result.

Monday, November 27

Etoile Molene

This picture is for my Dad. He like this shot so much that I decided to post it on my site. I captured this on a recent sailing trip to the small fishing village of Paimpol, CĂ´tes-d'Armor, France. I tried to use the sail of the yacht I was on to frame this ancient sailing ship called Etoile Molene.

Sunday, November 26


I captured this shot of an amphitheatre on a recent trip to the small town El Djem, Tunisia. The sheer splendour of this ancient venue could only be captured with a panoramic shot. I also love how the blue sky highlights the magnificent arches that ran all around the outside of stone structure.

This shot was also taken in Tunisia. I got up at 4am in order to capture the sun rising over this salt lake. The boat was situated perfectly to round of what otherwise may have been a relatively boring sunrise.

Thursday, November 16

Cow in field with buttercups

I took this photo during this summer. It all looks fine but i had about 30 cows walking up behind me but i wasn't going to move because i had to get this shot.

Sunday, November 12

HMS Warrior

I took this image when i very first bought my EOS 350D. I personally like the way that the light behind the rigging of the steam/sailing ship makes it in to a silhouette. The streaked lighting in the background was from a passing ferry and I think it adds motion to what otherwise would look like a very placid image.

Autumn Colours

Capturing a shot of deer is often the dream of many nature photographers but on this day I was one of the lucky ones. I kept my distance in order not to disturb them but I could have done with my telephoto lens at this point. I cropped this shot in such a way that would set the scene and show what tranquil surroundings they were grazing in.
Many flowers and plants disappear during autumn but the cool, damp weather can bring out an array of Fungi. They have a complete multitude and forms and textures and this makes them an excellent subject for close-up photography. I was especially pleased with the fungi shots. I found this family of fungi hidden under some twigs and leaves. There were many other photographers around on this particular day so I made sure to cover them back up again afterwards to stop anyone else pinching my shot. I love the detail of the gills on these fungi and they were positioned in such a way that meant I could experiment with depth of field.

These images were taken at a recent visit to Batsford Arboretum. I wanted to capture the real array of colours that were on display.


This is an image that i captured which incorporates the HMS Marlborough figurehead and Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower. I was looking for an alternative angle to photograph the tower along with a way of linking the Portsmouth’s naval history with the new modern appearance that it is presented through Gunwharf Quays.

I know the Spinnaker Tower is one of the most photographed buildings in the UK but I still like this shot that I captured. There was a very convenient light behind me, which helped to illuminate the rocks in the foreground. It gives this image a staged feel. My worst enemy – the orange reflection of the streetlights on the clouds doesn’t help this image. Ah well better brush up on my Photoshop skills and republish it.

Taken with a blue filter this night shot worked well with all of the traffic streaming towards me. The picture was taken in my early photography stages but I experimented and often that is how I develop my best shots.

Sea Mist

This is my lucky image as i think this would have been relatively mediocre if it weren’t for a speedboat that went past, leaving its wake to crash against the rocks in the foreground. I also love how sharp the rocks are in contrast to the mist like sea.

This image was taken on possibly the dullest sailing day of 2005. The sun projected its rays onto these high-rise flats and created a brilliant contrast against the black clouds behind. Some would argue that a wide screen crop would be more appropriate, but I like the crispness of the water in the foreground. A desktop background favourite of mine.

The reflection of the sun on the water was irresistible. I tried to capture the boat heeled over as we sailed towards the sun.


This was a shot i captured whilst sailing down Southampton waters towards the Solent. The oil refineries and tankers acted as a superb silhouette against the bright cumulonimbus clouds. I took this image through a filter and topped it off with a bit of Photoshop. The result, i believe, speaks for itself.